Branch Council 2010

The ACT Branch of the ANF is governed by a Branch Council consisting of elected representatives from across the ACT membership. Branch Councillors are elected in accordance with ANF Federal Rules and conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission.

Branch Council meets on the fourth Tuesday of every second month and is composed of Branch Executive members and Branch Councillors.

Photo of Jill Parke

Jill Parke

Branch President

Photo of Janice Flaherty

Janice Flaherty

Branch Vice-President

Photo of Jenny Miragaya

Jenny Miragaya

Branch Secretary

Photo of Denise O’Toole

Denise O’Toole

Photo of Maria Trudinger

Maria Trudinger

Photo of Sandra Mahlberg

Sandra Mahlberg

Photo of Maureen Willis

Maureen Willis

Photo of Athalene Rosborough

Athalene Rosborough

Photo of Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith

Photo of John Acs

John Acs

Photo of Matthew Daniel

Matthew Daniel

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