Membership Benefits

ANMFACT membership provides a range of unique and cost saving benefits to its members. From industrial representation and legal services to the Union Shopper service, ANMFACT membership represents an important investment in your career and offers great value for money. Considering that membership fees are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, this represents an even better investment.

ANMFACT members receive:

Industrial Representation

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) is the largest nursing union representing the industrial rights and conditions of over 170,000 members across Australia.

At the Branch level in the ANMFACT, this means working with Workplace Delegates to develop certified agreements for acute care and aged care facilities to improve the working lives of members and to maximise their wages and conditions and to promote safe workplaces.

The ACT Branch provides advice, support, and representation to members on employments related matters ranging from under/over salary payments and leave entitlement to bullying and harassment. The ANMFACT also provides advice and support to members required to respond to professional issues reported to the ACT Nursing and Midwifery Board.

Please contact the ANMFACT Branch for more information on Industrial Representation.

Professional Development

The ANMFACT encourages the on-going professional development of its members. A limited number of grants are available to members each year in support of appropriate professional development opportunities. Members interested in applying for financial support should contact the ANMFACT Office well in advance to discuss the application requirements.

ANMFACT members have access to the CINAHL data-base through the ANMFACT Office (link to make CINAHL booking). CINAHL helps members to maintain and enhance their knowledge of current nursing and midwifery practice and is an in-valuable research tool to assist members undertaking further study.

ANMFACT members also have access to on-line continual professional development at a reduced fee. Topics include, for example, palliative care, asthma managemen, ECG and rhythms, wound care, and cardiac care.

For a full list of topics and topic previews, visit the ANMF national web site. This is a useful way for members to obtain verification of their competency for registration purposes.


Legal Assistance

ANMFACT members have access to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers. Members and their families are entitled to:

  • free first consultation
  • access to “No Win – No Charge” legal services (conditions apply)
  • free standard Will members and their spouse

Maurice Blackburn can also assist with legal matters relating to:

  • workers compensation
  • Comcare
  • road accident injuries
  • medical negligence
  • asbestos diseases
  • superannuation and insurance claims
  • public liability
  • faulty products
  • Will disputes

Please contact the ANMFACT for a referral to Maurice Blackburn.



ANMF members’ PI insurance provides professional indemnity cover. Importantly, in the case of employees, the cover
operates in the event their employer does not indemnify them from a negligence claim.


Monthly Journal

ANMFACT membership fees includes subscription to the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal (ANMJ) published each month by the ANMF National Office. The ANMJ covers a range of topical industrial, professional, and social justice issues. Member contributions to the ANMJ are welcomed and guidelines for submissions is available on the ANMF national web site.

ANMFACT Newsletter

Members receive a monthly Newsletter published by the ANMFACT which provides an up-to-date account of issues affecting local nurses, midwives, and carers and the work undertaken by the ANMFACT in support of its members.

Union Shopper

The Union Shopper represents great value for members. ANMFACT are able to get great deals on a wide range of products due to the purchasing power of Union Shopper. ANMFACT member can get discounts on products such as shopping gift cards, electrical appliances, cars, computers, furniture and financial products.


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